Who is a customs broker?

cost of service
Price from 4000 UAH
Customs clearance from 1- 3 days

( 1 ) Ordering goods from abroad, there is a high probability that sooner or later you will have to deal with customs. The task of customs authorities is to control the legality of importing this or that product to Ukraine and fix their border crossing. Communication with the customs representatives is most often related to the necessity of customs clearance of your parcel, but there are cases when the controlling authorities have other questions to you or the content of the cargo. In order to avoid any problems and delays at customs and you need to hire a customs broker.

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Activities of a customs broker
in Ukraine

( 2 ) According to the legislation of Ukraine, a customs broker who provides services to third parties must have a license authorizing his activities on the territory of the country and have the status of a legal entity. Only in this case, he has the right to be your legal representative at customs. Also, the presence of these documents ensures that in the event of any conflict you have a legal right to sue the broker and receive compensation.

The range and completeness of services provided by a customs broker can vary depending on the company you choose.

«Semero» offers its customers the following services:

  • Preliminary consultations before ordering goods.
  • Accompanying a parcel at all stages of delivery.
  • Filling out all necessary documents.
  • Control of customs clearance of your parcel in Ukraine.
  • Solution of problems that occurred at customs.

Before you commission a broker to clear your parcel or cargo, you must:

  • Check if the company has a broker's license.
  • Study customer feedback about working with the firm.
  • Ask about the possibility of a free consultation.
  • Make sure the firm respects its policy of confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal data.
  • Conclude a written contract for services (study the contents in detail before signing).

The best recommendation for a professional customs broker is the duration of his activities and the number of regular customers.

«Semero» - more than 10 years on the market of brokerage services in Ukraine!


Frequently asked questions

Specialists, when working with the client, can independently choose the best suitable scheme by which it is better to clear the goods. 
At this stage, the customs broker in Kyiv can coordinate their actions with the client, and can work at their own discretion. 
It is important to minimize costs during customs clearance, properly assessing all the risks associated with the delivery of goods from abroad. And only a customs broker at the border, working from our company for the client can cope with this.

The clearance of goods at customs must be carried out within the time limit laid down by law, and all rules and regulations must be complied with. For the services provided by the broker, he is responsible, both materially and criminally. All these nuances are specified by the law and detailed in the contract, which the client enters into with our company.
After signing the contract a customs broker acts on behalf of the customer. 
Important: if you do not sign a written contract, the broker will not be able to work on behalf of the client, and all his actions will be illegal. In addition, the broker's duties include not only the customs clearance of goods but are also responsible for all ongoing customs operations on behalf of the customer.

Many companies refuse to use a broker's services, hoping to save money this way. However, as practice shows, detaining cargo at customs costs the company and its image many times more.
The price of a customs broker's services depends on a number of factors:

  • The type and amount of work;
  • The peculiarities of the services provided;
  • One-time transaction or long-term cooperation.

The cost of services includes consultation of a customs broker in Kyiv, the calculation of the cost, control of incoming payments, as well as all accompanying operations on the way cargo to the destination.

The full list of services we provide:

  • advice related to the clearance of goods at customs, as well as issues that directly relate to customs operations;
  • calculating the cost of clearing cargo at customs, a plan of estimates for the cost of goods;
  • submission of AP (Advance Declaration) and AP (Advance Notice);
  • clearance of various types of goods for export, import, or transit;
  • filling out and execution of CARNET TIR, TTN, and CMR documentation;
  • ability to organize for obtaining permits for import, certification of goods, and other documents that ensure the successful passage of customs control;
  • if necessary, protection of client's interests in state authorities.
    «Semero» is a qualified and affordable broker in Kyiv!

Working with a proven and experienced customs broker, especially for legal entities, is always a guarantee of security for cargo and parcels at customs.
There may be several reasons for detaining goods at customs.
Let's name a few of the main ones:

  • the parcel exceeds the duty-free limit of 150 euros and requires customs clearance;
  • the value of the parcel is not indicated in the accompanying documents;
  • accompanying documents are not correctly formatted;
  • the content of the parcel raises questions with the customs authorities;
  • payment of the tax levy has not been credited to the treasury account or the amount of receipt has been calculated incorrectly.

The services of a customs agent are always necessary when organizing the process of transporting goods across the border. 
Ordering this kind of service provides the following benefits for the client:

  • the broker can help to increase import and export operations;
  • all emerging issues related to customs clearance can be resolved promptly;
  • excluding downtime of transport with cargo at customs;
  • clarity in the regulation of tariffs and other factors that affect the formation of the cost;
  • organization of a reasonable schedule of deliveries. 

To order customs brokerage services - contact the company «Semero». We employ only professionals who can qualitatively and quickly organize transportation of any kind of cargo and goods from abroad in the shortest possible time. We offer the most technological and fastest way of communication, no unnecessary scans of documents.

Where to order the services of a customs broker and when to conclude a contract?

If you need to use the services of a customs broker, then it is better to contact our company. We will provide you with a range of services to ensure that your shipment passes customs quickly and safely.
We will prepare an offer for a customer, on the basis of which a contract between the parties will be concluded. The cost of services is calculated individually for each client and depends on a number of factors directly affecting the features of each individual situation.
If you have any questions, you can use the feedback form or contact our specialist on the phone. Our specialist will be happy to advise you and help you find the best solution. Thus, the customer will be able to complete the dial safely and with minimum time and money expenditure.

A contract with a customs broker is an official document that allows our representative to represent your interests at customs during the clearance of a parcel or cargo.

You should conclude a contract with a customs broker only if you are fully confident in his competence and trust him to handle your personal data.

Be sure to read the contents of the contract before signing it. Check:

  • The correctness of the data entered about the company;
  • The list of obligations and rights of both parties;
  • Make sure that the contract only entitles the broker to represent your interests at customs.

The contract is, first and foremost, a guarantee to protect your interests. 

Only after you have verified the correctness of the contract provided to you and the professionalism of the broker can you sign the document.